duminică, 27 noiembrie 2011


Sunt super draguti in aceasta poza.

Every Morning


Turning Page

If i had only felt the warmth within your touch,If i had only seen how you smile when you blush,Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough,I would have known what i was living for all along. 
Ah, mi-a placut filmul. De fapt, mi-a placut si acesta, hihi. Love it! <3

joi, 24 noiembrie 2011


Adorable part 2 ♥

Big City Life

joi, 17 noiembrie 2011

Shake Up Christmas

Mi-am amintit reclama "sarbatorile vin" :))

Sexy, Sexy Monsters

Uh, sunt atat de draguti :> si amuzanti <3

Beautiful Alexander Skarsgård ♥

Beautiful souls

 Asa ca vine Craciunul, hihi. Adorabili <3
Dragalasii acestia, parca sunt eu cu Georgi purnand cadourile de Craciun (2009) HaHa

marți, 1 noiembrie 2011

"There are centuries of Faith and Love between us"

Ah, m-a emotionat momentul acesta, mi-au dat lacrimile. Lovee! <3
Be Happy!